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Want Pappy's Choice Seasoning in your favorite store, restaurant or deli?  Want a larger assortment of Pappy's products at your local grocery store?  Sad because a store no longer carries Pappy's products?  Now Pappy's is giving you the tools to fight back.    You can fight to put Pappy's in your local stores, restaurants, or deli's.  Simply click here and print out the PDF of our customer request brochure.  Fold on the dotted lines, and sign your name.  Then bring it to your favorite retail provider and ask for the store manager.  Tell them you are a loyal customer and are demanding Pappy's in your store!  Remember to print one out for the meat counter as well, as Pappy's Choice Seasoning is the choice for butchers and meat professionals.  Store managers are always receptive to loyal customers and are always willing to hear what they would like to see in there stores. Remember to tell them, You're not happy until you've had Pappy's!

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You're Not Happy Until You've Had Pappy's!

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